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Signs of a Quiet Heart  (My Heart Is Yours - Book #1)


"I fully enjoyed every aspect of this book. The story focuses on the main characters of Robbi and Tyler. You can feel their attraction toward one another right from the start. He's a man who has had countless women, never wanting to settle down because he feels love and commitment are signs of weakness. But his whole world, and his way of thinking, changes the minute he lays eyes on Robbi, a teacher who captures his heart with nothing but a warm smile. Robbi has had her share of heartache and failed relationships. She wasn't looking for a connection with anyone, going about her daily life which was already busy enough focusing on the children in her class. But what is the old saying? You find love when you're not looking? This is exactly what happens to her the first time she sees Tyler at the Italian restaurant she took her class to one day. The sparks were immediate and their physical attraction to each other was apparent .... so hot! They know they're destined to be with one another but can their relationship survive the secrets of their pasts?

The story also introduces a few other characters who steal the spotlight every now and then. A beautiful little girl named Daisy, who will touch your very heart with her struggles but also with the bright light which shines within her. Toby is another character who you will crave to know more about. He's Tyler's nephew. He also endures daily struggles but the niche he has found in Robbi's class is helping him to overcome some of his anger issues. His connection with Daisy is automatic as their own story is revealed.

Then there is Mia, Robbi's other TA, who wants nothing more than to connect with Toby. Will their relationship develop further than that of co-workers? Or will it be doomed right from the start because of Toby's past? I both laughed and cried while reading this novel. I cannot wait for the next book in this wonderful series."
 Sandra Nelson (Author of Stolen Fate and Redemption)


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"What a heart-wrenchingly beautiful book. I shed a tear or two whilst reading this well-written story, many of the characters being damaged in some way and trying to live their lives by putting their tragedies behind them. I love the school setting and the warmth and love between the educators and their students, really opens your eyes to what beauty there is in kind words and actions. I enjoyed the growing relationship between Robbi and Tyler, two beautiful souls who were destined to be together from the very beginning. I also enjoyed the fact that they were in their 40s, and they passed their wisdom on to the younger characters in the book in such a way that there was no condescension because they were young."   ~  Peta Benjamin 


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Living For Two (My Heart Is Yours - Book #2)


5-STAR AMAZING READ (Amazon) "WOW! WOW! What an amazing book, there are no words to describe how emotionally moving this book was, given that I will warn you this story requires several Kleenexes while reading. The plot of this book was very well written and fast paced, there was never a dull moment and I spent half the book crying my eyes out and the other half trying to keep my libido in check. The characters in this book are very well written and the chemistry between Jayson and Geneva is super hot; what I love most is the buildup and the fact that they do not jump into bed with each other right away. In this book you will meet Geneva, who has suffered a loss that no one wants to go through and then while still reeling from one loss the family is going through a second crisis with her younger sister. Then she meets Jayson who is surrounded by an aura of light and she know that she is meant to meet and be with him. Jayson is deaf and Geneva learns ASL sign language so that she can communicate with him. In this book you will follow Geneva and Jayson through their amazing journey of love and discover an amazing story involving her younger sister. This was truly an amazing read and I am in love with the writing style of Teri McGill. Although this could be a standalone, the characters from book one do play a major role in this story, so I would highly recommend reading book one first. Now I need to wait patiently for book three." ~ Kendra

5-STAR Emotional roller-coaster (Amazon) "Another sweet romance from Teri McGill that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, grabbing you from the beginning. Geneva, still recovering from losing her sister the year prior, finds herself in emotional turmoil when her younger sister has serious health problems. One day on campus, Jayson sits beside her in a class. He is deaf and does not speak. A friendship develops with Geneva learning ASL to communicate with Jayson other than typing on his iPad. While their love grows, they find a mystery they must solve that intertwines an unknown little girl and her sister. Falling in love is easy, solving the mystery is not. Ms. McGill once again provides a must-read romance novel with characters and a story to fall in love with. A story that tugs at your heart with love, pain and loss. In a few places I needed tissues, but don't we want stories that make us feel part of the story? Although it is not necessary to read book one, it will increase the emotional response to the story, and your need to see things resolved. Bravo, Ms. McGill! I am eager for book three." ~ Sheila K


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Lost & Found (My Heart Is Yours - Book #3)

5 Stars! (Amazon)

"I received this for an honest review... I have to say that I was sucked in from the very beginning. This is the first read for me from this author and I can without a doubt say it will not be my last. This book pulled me in from page one. Can I just say that this was such a great love story. I just floved every minute of this book. I can’t wait to read more from this author. This story was sweet and perfect from beginning to end!!" ~Book Happiness


5 Stars FANTASTIC! (Amazon)

"Amazingly thought out. Intelligent, funny, sad; not enough words to say how much I loved this book. The first two in the series were just as great. "    ~ Wayne C


5 STARS! Will he forgive her? (Amazon)

"This was my first time reading anything by Teri McGill and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story. Teri McGill has given us a story that sucks us in and keeps us there from start to finish, and will leave us wanting more from this author. This story is so captivating with some great characters, who will almost tear our hearts out as you figure the layers just one at a time, and it's like that throughout the whole story. Teri McGill has written a very emotional roller coaster rider with some well-developed suspense along with some beauty. This is Emery Lawson's and Tag Coleman’s touching story. All Emery wanted was to meet Tag, who she knew as Cole Taggart, to confront him about his past and to find what he did to her cousin. But all she found was a broken man, who totally wasn't over what had happen to his girlfriend. I think my favorite secondary character was Randy and how he was so outspoken for a little lad. I could go on and tell you more about this touching story, but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this story. You won't be disappointed." ~Bella’s Blog

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