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 My Heart Is Yours - Book Series



 Signs of a Quiet Heart ( Book 1)


       When Robbi  Bennett, special education teacher extraordinaire, decided to move from New York to California, it was for reasons beyond trading snowstorms for sunshine and surfing. Following the tragic death of her parents, and several doomed relationships, she craved a fresh start; an opportunity to reinvent herself.


        Tyler D’Angelo, bad-boy biker and self-proclaimed man-whore, equates love with weakness. For decades, he has kept his heart on lockdown, but meeting Robbi turns his solitary life inside out as they are inexplicably drawn to each other. Can love be strong enough to overcome a lifetime of fear?

        Note: There is a cliffhanger involving secondary characters, which does not affect the romance. The mystery is eventually resolved in Book 2, with the assistance of several new characters.        

       (This story features two deaf characters. The story also involves information related to deafness, deaf education, and American Sign Language.)


           ISBN: 978-0-9863645-0-1 (eBook)          ISBN: 978-0-9863645-3-2 (Paperback)

        Living For Two (Book 2)


       Geneva St. John was not looking to fall in love; her shattered heart was barely recovering from her older sister’s death and coming to grips with almost losing her baby sister as well.

        When she first laid eyes on Jayson Delaney, bathed in sunlight and appearing so ethereal, it was immediately evident that he was destined to change her life. Unable to converse at first due to a language barrier, they soon discover that love is the purest form of communication between two souls.

        Although Geneva’s sister is recovering nicely from surgery, she begins to exhibit strange, unsettling behaviors that only Jayson seems to be able to comprehend.

        There are some people in our world who believe the power of love can transcend death.  What kind of miracle would it take to convince us all?

       (This story features several deaf/hard-of-hearing characters. The story also involves information related to deafness, deaf education, and American Sign Language.)


        ISBN: 978-0-9863645-1-8 (eBook)           ISBN: 978-0-9863645-4-9 (Paperback)


      Lost And Found (Book 3)


       For over a decade, Tag Coleman has been struggling to exorcise his demons.

       Constantly haunted by his first love’s death, he aches for a second chance at happiness, but guilt screams one undeniable fact: he does not deserve it. Can Tag’s shattered soul ever find forgiveness and allow him to love again?


        Emery Lawson’s one and only goal is to uncover the truth surrounding a tragic accident that took her cousin’s life. She embarks on a journey to find the one person who could be responsible, with unexpected, life-altering results

         When your soulmate — the love of your life — is lost, what are the chances of ever finding another? Is it possible for a heart to be … Lost and Found?                                      (Can be read as a standalone.)


        ISBN: 978-0-9863645-2-5 (eBook)         ISBN: 978-0-9863645-5-6 (Paperback)




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Light-years From Hollywood

(YA Novella)

       LIGHT-YEARS FROM HOLLYWOOD, a YA romance novella, explores the darker side of high school.

       What is life like when you don’t seem to fit in anywhere? A deaf boy and a homeless girl forge an unusual friendship, learning that acceptance and ultimately love truly conquers all.

       Dylan: High school is supposed to be an adventurous four years of exploring the joys of youth and unlimited learning opportunities, right? What a crock! The gifted program is challenging enough without being the only deaf student on campus. I was content with my under-the-radar, nearly invisible existence until a beautiful, blue-eyed freshman sat next to me in Algebra. I had always preferred my loner status until she forced me to see what else life had to offer.

       Nikki: I have kept my embarrassing secret for as long as I can remember. Dylan was the only person I ever shared it with, and to my surprise he never judged me. Instead, he was determined to save me even though unforeseen threats lurked around every corner.

      (100% of the author’s royalties from this eBook will be donated to A Million Drops, which is a Los Angeles, California based non-profit organization making a difference in the lives of homeless, at-risk youth, and young adults.)

       ISBN: 978-0-9863645-6-3 (eBook)

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Footprints on My Heart – Julie Rowe 
Gemma Foster had the perfect life until a horrific crash took her husband and her hearing. Every day is a struggle but she finds strength, love and support from her guide dog and maybe…possibly…hopefully from her dog’s trainer. Hank wants more than friendship but he’s afraid to make a move and Gemma needs to know why. 

Emergency Love – Dianne Drake
Doctor Anna Quinn has been running for years, trying to keep her daughter safe as well as provide a good life for the two of them. Finally, she’s found the place where she feels safe, and settles in with Evie to begin their new life. But a familiar face in the hospital causes her to want to run, again.

The Deep End – Teri McGill
Harper and Brady briefly met as teens fifteen years ago. She was drowning, he gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and she never forgot that first kiss…even though she was unconscious for most of it. Now Harper’s a single mother of deaf twins and Brady hides behind scars, both visible and invisible, in addition to PTSD. Fate steps in when they are reunited at a camp for special-needs kids. Will their shared vision for the camp’s future include a happy forever after of their own?

Jeopardy – Lucy Marker
Trish is happy to bond with Charlie over comedies and cartoons but fears the vulnerability and intimacy of romance. He challenges her to recognize true beauty runs deeper than the appearance and limitations of her arthritic, mature body. 

Rip Current – Susan Sheehey 
The rip current of love is dangerous and unyielding, but it might be the only rescue for two adrift hearts. Even for an imperfect lifeguard who struggles with trust, and a psychologist, masking years of grief. Will embracing their flaws and accepting love save them from the tumultuous waters of life?

Snooze You Lose, Baby – Karen Chesley
Snooze You Lose, Baby, and you might miss the chance of a lifetime to find the one love destined to hit you like a rocket. Lucas was unprepared for such a moment, as was Sela. Together they fight their way to bliss and avoid the kiss of death…or do they? 

Lakeside Kisses – CJ Matlyn
A shy businesswoman struggling with social anxiety connects with a hot guy who’s a communication guru and brings new meaning to the concept of opposites attracting. Both think mixing business with pleasure is a no-no. Or is it?

Second Chance Summer – Libby Kay
Maggie and Elliot were made for each other. Can they overcome their past and find a way back together? Elliot knows he can be the man Maggie deserves, but she’s been shaken by her MS diagnosis. Can she trust Elliot, and her own body, again? Follow the pair as they search for their happily ever after.

Guiding Light – Dal Cecil Runo
Hurley Morgan, a blind Folk-Metal musician, travels with the band to Iceland for a very special gig inside a lighthouse. There, a landscape photographer prepares a photo exhibit. An invisible force pulls these two strangers closer, reviving unexpected memories from their pasts. 

No Protocols for Love – Jen FitzGerald
Tyson Collier swore he'd never go back in the closet. Hockey player Semyon "Semka" Novikoff can't ever come out of it. They embark on a secret relationship with an expiration date. When they part ways, both miss the other, but they can never be. At least that's what they tell themselves.

Between the Pages – Joelle Casteel
Joon and Adam enjoy their trip to the library. Afterwards, Joon recounts their first date with Adam adding cherished details. At home, Adam helps Joon feel better with massage and lovemaking. After they score a new power scooter for Joon, seeing how it works for impulsive, hot sex gives them moans and laughs. 

All Royalties for this eBook will go to: @PetsForVets

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