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Lost & Found (Book 3)


          “I don’t expect you to say the words, Tag, but I know — down deep in my soul — how you feel about me. I sense it in your kiss, in your kindhearted eyes when you gaze at me, and I feel it every time we make love. Yeah, you heard me correctly. We do not fuck, Tag. We. Make. Love. Don’t you think I realize how scared shitless you are of the future? We all are, honey! Every soul on planet Earth is terrified of what lies ahead. We wouldn’t be human otherwise. No one knows that better than the two of us. Every wondrous person or precious thing in our lives could be randomly ripped away at a moment’s notice, in the blink of an eye. Will any of those fears stop me from loving you? No. Living, breathing, and loving you are all the same to me. One does not exist without the other two. I know you use your guilt as a barricade to protect yourself from the outside world. I get that. But you’re forcing me out, as well as all the other people who love you. If I could un-break your heart, bring Randi back, don’t you think I would do it in a heartbeat? I know you’re still in love with her, but can I be honest with you? I don’t mind being your second choice. All you’ve been doing these past twelve years is surviving. Please, let me teach you how to live again, how to love again."  I know you love me, Tag. But if I’m wrong, I promise — I will love you enough for both of us.


           Emery gently pressed her lips to his chest. “You said your eternity was lost, but you were wrong. It’s been right here, all these years. In your heart. ”

             “Tag, don’t you realize I can see the terrible pain you’re in? You have a dark secret that you are desperately clinging to, and it’s destroying you from the inside out. I’m not saying to deny the sorrow you feel. Often there is beauty in pain and you must search for it relentlessly; embrace and utilize it to give you the strength to face your demons head-on. You don’t have to reveal all your secrets to me. I just need to know that you want me here with you; that you desire to know me and you are willing to let me know you in return.” Her hand dropped to her side and his eyes followed its path as if he missed its gentle warmth.

            “I do want that, Em. Very much.” Tag held his hand out to her and she placed her soft hand in his. He pulled her gently back to the couch, where they sat facing each other. He apprehensively held her hand up to his lips, kissing it softly. Pulling her lower lip between her teeth, Emery took a deep, uncertain breath.

            “I’d like to stay with you tonight — no expectations, no explanations, no strings. I just want to hold you in my arms. All night. Will you let me? I promise, tonight you will not be lonely. I won’t allow it.”

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