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Signs of a Quiet Heart (Book 1)

      Tyler noticed she was softly turning the wide gold band around her ring finger, and suddenly a wave of relief washed over him. He gently rested his hand on hers, touching the ring.

     “That was your mother’s ring?” She nodded and slowly lifted her face to his. There was a small, stray tear rolling down her cheek. He tentatively reached out and lightly touched her face, brushing it away with his thumb.

     “Dad gave it to Mom on their twenty-fifth anniversary. You know, they were always together … never spent a single night apart. They even left this Earth together. In a way, I’m grateful for that; neither one could have survived without the other.”

      The somber tone in Robbi’s voice was so heart-wrenching, he felt compelled to put his arm around her, encouraging her head to rest on his chest. She wasn’t crying, but he stroked her soft hair anyway. He waited a minute or two until her breathing calmed. He was desperate to make her smile, so he decided to take a risk, murmuring into her hair, “Can I tell you a secret guaranteed to embarrass myself?” She nodded and he spotted the beginning of a slight smile on her beautiful face, so he took a deep breath and forged ahead. “I saw that ring yesterday and my heart sank, thinking you were married.” Her blue eyes lit up as a soft giggle escaped her lips.

      “Really? As I was walking toward you, I looked down, saw it, and wanted to kick myself for not thinking to take it off.” They grinned at each other like two nervous teenagers at an eighth-grade dance. Tyler made a decision at that moment; his new mission in life would be to see that gorgeous smile every single minute of every day.



     I open my eyes and see her face has become flushed, and her breathing’s very rapid. Her sky-blue eyes are staring into mine as if she can see right down into my soul. She does not take her eyes off me as she lifts up slightly; guiding my still-hard cock gently inside her, little by little, slowly moving up and down caressing every inch of me until I am completely immersed in her tightness. She’s so wet, so perfect. Now she’s moving faster, riding me hard. Fuck! She feels so fuckin’ good. She fills me with such ecstasy; clinging to me like I’m her life preserver in a stormy sea. I am reborn in this moment, as each black hole in my heart is healed. I cry out as her entire body shudders; waves of bubbling water surround us as her gasps of pleasure overwhelm me. Her arms are wrapped firmly around me, face buried in my neck as we both experience the rush of release. I feel her come apart in a million tiny pieces as her heat consumes me; she is a California wildfire out of control and I am directly in her path. I yearn for her to engulf me entirely, burn me alive. I pray to God — whose existence I still question — that her fire can cleanse my soul and eradicate all my sins in the process. She whispered my name in the crook of my neck when she came; I could spend the rest of my life listening to my name on Robbi’s lips.

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